About Evergreen

Evergreen’s Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are elected officials of Smyth County. They serve voluntarily and are not paid for their time or work. They are Seth Umbarger (Chairman), Billy Bear (Vice Chairman), Justin McClellan, Kristy Waller, and Andy Overbay also serves as the Smyth County Extension Agent.



Sarah Gardner

Sarah was hired on as Conservation Specialist in 2015. She was voted as Area IV representative in 2016 for Virginia Association of Conservation District Employees. To talk to her by phone call 276-706-3068 or email sarahtilson88@gmail.com

Jeana Waddle

Jeana has served as the Administrative Secretary for Evergreen SWCD for over twenty years. To talk to her by phone call 276-706-3064 or email jeana.waddle@comcast.net


FOIA Information

Evergreen’s Freedom of Information Officer is Jeana Waddle. If you have any questions pertaining to a FOIA request or information, please contact her. Click here for more information related to FOIA.