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Current DEQ Grant Project

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Our current grant will be serving only residents that live within the North Fork of the Holston River watershed. This area is displayed on the map within the shaded in section.

Evergreen was awarded a new grant through the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for the North Fork Holston River. The North Fork Holston River was listed on Virginia’s Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Priority List as unsafe for recreational use and aquatic life. We hope to use grant funds to reduce the fecal bacteria in the targeted area to reduce the risk of fecal bacteria illnesses.

The grant is being funded by the Environmental Protection Agency 319 funds to address high levels bacteria in the river. We will be able to cost-share on more agriculture projects but also residential septic and sewer issues. Please note that these funds are only available to those residents and landowners within the North Fork Holston River watershed.

Evergreen will be able to offer cost-share on septic pump outs, repairs, and replacements. We can also help with connection to public sewer, alternative septic systems, straight pipes, and pet waste systems. All residential projects start at a 50% Cost-Share rate but can go up to 90% Cost-share, depending on income levels. All applicants will need to submit a prof of income. Evergreen will also be partnering with the Town of Saltville to install public pet waste stations along the well fields.

The grant also includes agriculture conservation projects. These include fencing livestock off from surface water, installing livestock watering system, and cross fence. These all fall within a 85% Cost-Share.

For more information or to apply for either residential or agriculture practices, please call or stop by our office.

If you would like to go ahead and fill out an application, please click the link below. The same form is used for both residential and agriculture practices. Fill out everything that has been highlighted, then either email it to the staff or drop it by our office.

TMDL Application


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